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Artisan Finishes

Artisan Finishes by Leichsenring Studios

Faux Finish Facts

Let’s get current about Artisan Finishes. It seems like just yesterday we were calling it “faux finishing”. No more. Faux carries a dated image of sponged paint. The word “faux” translates to “fake”.  Truly, the only proper time to use the word is when it comes to painting faux marble or faux bois (wood-graining). Here, the artist is using paint to “fake the look of marble or wood.

Artisan finishes today carry the history of centuries of traditional techniques combined with a wide variety of synthetic and natural materials. Some of my favorites finishes at Leichsenring Studios are glazes, transparent washes of color on painted walls.

Trends have become staples with the inclusion of metallic paint as basecoats. The depth and richness are tangible. Textured finishes simulate the look of linen, leather, stone and raw silk. Plaster finishes range from smooth to pitted. Contemporary materials include glass beads. Such personalities!  And never meant, by the way, to replace wallpaper.  Just another option, without seams!


There are a few pieces of information that can save you time and money when it comes to applying a faux finish to a wall.


If you are thinking of having a finish applied to a space, talk to me first. There are certain sheens of paint that are required for a finish. You need that information before you or your contractor prep the walls.

I have absolutely the greatest amount of flexibility to get the absolute correct color and tone you are seeking.

Do the homework first. Whether you are working independently or with a designer, fabrics, furniture and carpets should be chosen first. It is much easier for me to tweak a sample to get the perfect match rather than you embark on a mind-boggling search to find your perfect fabric after the finish is on the wall.

Take the advice “think outside of the box” literally. There are occasions when a finish on the ceiling is simply awesome.