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The Mural Process

Murals Make A Room

Mystery endings may be good for novels and movies, but they are definitely not acceptable for murals. Your comfort level during the entire project, from concept to the last brushstroke, is of paramount importance.

Sometimes, I meet with a client that has a really clear vision of the mural they want painted. Bingo. I can get in their heads immediately and start seeing that vision through THEIR eyes. I will love designing it and being your mural painter, but in the end, it is yours, not mine.

There are other times when my client is partially there. Through conversation and research, the vision comes alive.

And then there are the challenges (I love them! Bring them on.). It may be tentative at first, the half-finished sentence “I see something…I don’t know what…”

But indeed, they do know. It just takes a little longer to get the vision to come into focus. But we do!

Once it’s time to put pencil to paper, more often than not, I take pictures of the area, print them out and start my rough drawings directly on them so you can see what I’m thinking . It’s really easy to imagine when you see the mural with your own furniture, carpets and window treatments. Once a direction is approved from these rough thumbnails (I say rough but they  are very detailed), I will prepare a scaled drawing for your approval. If need be, I will tweak it until you and I are on the same page (literally).

There are occasions where a client may want to see the actual colors. I paint a “maquette”, a small section of the actual mural in fine artist acrylic paint which is exactly what I will be using on the finished mural. There have been instances with very complex murals that encompass several walls of a space that I will construct a diorama as a great visual aid.

Below are two murals with developmental sketches.

Before Flowers      After Flowers

Before Mural Sketch   After Mural

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